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The use cases presented in this section are examples of possible scenarios in which Esplores can be used to facilitate advanced analytics projects.

Use Cases Industry: Utilities

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Demand forecasting
The analysis of potential demand allows planning of supply capacity (Electricity, Gas, Water). Thanks to the integration with appropriate algorithms, Esplores allows, on the basis of historical consumption, meteorological forecasts and other factors, to effectively forecast what the demand will be and consequently improve the supply.

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Optimisation of electricity consumption
The latest generation of electric meters allows you to intercept the types of appliances that are connected to the electricity grid inside the house. Esplores manages to interface this information so as to prepare, for example, analytics to help customers optimize their energy consumption. This information, opportunely anonymised, can also be "sold" to the producers of electrical equipment.

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Smart meters data
Smart meters electronically communicate the consumption of gas, water and electric energy. This information can be used by Esplores to prepare an analysis in order to educate the consumer in the correct use.

Smart buildings
Today's buildings are increasingly equipped with sensors that detect disparate information from different systems. Consumption, temperature, heating, air conditioning, use of stairs and elevators, etc. Esplores allows the creation of joins between different data, enabling 360 ° analysis in an immediate and native way.

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Energy theft prevention
Esplores can analyze data in real time mode with the integration of streaming tools. This allows, with the integration of appropriate algorithms, the ability to intercept "anomaly consumption behavior". Esplores can help to identify potential frauds to the detriment of service companies and / or individual end customers.

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