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The use cases presented in this section are examples of possible scenarios in which Esplores can be used to facilitate advanced analytics projects.

Use Cases Industry: Telecomunications

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Network monitoring
The management of the network infrastructure involves analysing the data referred to a high number of devices (for example, all business customers). Being able to monitor how much bandwidth is used, and the type of traffic, is very strategic for telco companies. Esplores features are skilled in the analysis of the data (big data) in order to allow a correct management / planning of the bandwidth capacity and its quality.

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Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
Esplores is particularly suitable to perform an in-depth analysis of the content of data packets traveling through the telecommunications infrastructure, thanks to the native knowledge discovery capabilities. Esplores can analyze the data anonymously with GDPR compliance approach. Esplores is able to analyze data related to the type of traffic, to investigate abnormal downloads / uploads, using anomaly detection methods to protect customers from possible fraudulent use of their telephone connection.

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Data monetization
The monetization of data based on location, for example, combined with user profiles (anonymous and aggregated), can be useful to central and local governments to understand how people move from one tourist site to another, or to predict the traffic on a particular route, etc. Esplores allows the analysis of data, both in an aggregate way and in a more detailed way, applying very sophisticated data masking methods to ensure privacy.

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Churn analysis
The propensity to churn is an important theme for any company that bases its business on subscription sevices. Esplores is able to manage more types of data and integrate external algorithms to identify a cluster of customers at risk, and therefore be able to act in time to avoid or mitigate this risk with appropriate "personalized" marketing and sales initiatives.

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