Use Cases Esplores by Industry

The use cases presented in this section are examples of possible scenarios in which Esplores can be used to facilitate advanced analytics projects.

Use Cases Industry: Manufacturing

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Quality assurance
Esplores helps in putting together production data of any type, so as to verify step by step compliance of certain target qualitative values with respect to those actually detected in the field. To do this, Esplores uses its own features (e.g., Matrix Table, etc.) and integration with other external application sources.

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Predictive maintenance
More and more companies are trying to equip themselves with predictive maintenance systems, not only on production lines and / or complex machines, but also on typically simpler finished products (submersible pumps, boilers, etc.). By integrating algorithms able to intercept potential malfunctions, Esplores allows the planning of maintenance in a preventive way.

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Production process monitoring
Esplores, thanks his ability to collect data in real time, and to relate the data to production plans, can help to identify a possible slowing down of a production phase and predictively analyze, with Python integration, the possible repercussion of that delay on the whole production process.

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