Use Cases Esplores by Industry

The use cases presented in this section are examples of possible scenarios in which Esplores can be used to facilitate advanced analytics projects.

Use Cases Industry: Insurance

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Know the customer before a subscription
Acquiring new customers is the mission of every company. For insurance companies, it is important to analyze as much data as possible on a new customer, the area where he lives, social data, etc. This becomes even more important when the interaction with the potential customer takes place via the website. Esplores, with adequate project activities, allows the integration of the various data sources in order to make available an effective evaluation benchmark.

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Driving behavior
Detection of the driving behavior of an insured person is increasingly possible today thanks to the IoT devices (black-box) on the insured cars. Esplores allows the analysis of the insured’s individual driving behavior . For example, Esplores can help to analyze the detailed data on a single journey to verify if the insured is really the driver of the insured car.

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Claims fraud
A claim carries a myriad of information that, in most cases, is stored and no longer used. Thanks to advanced techniques of knowledge discovery, text processing and data virtualization, Esplores is able to relate multiple claims and highlight common elements. Not only that, Esplores also allows the integration of external sources (image data of claims already cleared, etc.) and highlighting of possible critical issues and / or fraud activities.

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