Use Cases Esplores by Industry

The use cases presented in this section are examples of possible scenarios in which Esplores can be used to facilitate advanced analytics projects.

Use Cases Industry: Healtcare

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Patient 360°
In Europe there is legislation that allows the management of patient data in an integrated manner following certain confidentiality procedures as required by the rules for the protection of personal data. This data, thanks to Esplores and its native Data Masking and GDPR functionalities, can be analyzed in an anonymous and secure way.

Assisted diagnosis analytics
Assisted diagnosis is enabled by systems that contain detailed information on symptoms, on appropriate medications and on side effects, etc. Esplores allows the integration of all this information to create projects that enable prescriptive analysis and possibly also predictive analysis to prevent the spread of certain diseases.

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Adaptive pharmacological treatment
Esplores allows interfacing any type of data coming from medical device sensors. This makes it possible to approach pharmacological treatment projects to monitor the effects of a specific therapy. Esplores makes the data available immediately so that medical staff can, for example, change the dose of a drug based on how the patient reacts, thanks to the possibility of integrating "external algorithms" that compare and learn from "similar behaviours" occurred in past history by other patients undergoing the same treatment or similar therapy.

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Epidemiological prevention
Esplores allows to perform geospatial analysis to monitor, for example, the epidemiological diffusion of some diseases. Esplores allows the integration of predictive models able to predict the areas in which there will be a greater probability of diffusion and "alert" the health structures in charge, in order to intensify the controls in a target area.

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Fraud prevention
Frauds about medical prescriptions have not always been easy to identify. Esplores can help in identifying suspicious "information" with native knowledge discovery functionalities.

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