Esplores Data Masking Module

On the fly and batch data masking

In the past the static data masking procedure has been the solution for masking data that’s being copied to a different location.
The Esplores Data Masking Module means replacing particular information fields on-the-fly.

This is how it works: When any application retrieves information from a database and/or files, the request first passes through a data masking algoritthm that trasform the query “on-the-fly” and modified tha "particular" values in the new cripting values.

The first task that Esplores Datamasking Module performs is to scan your database and/or files for "particular" and "sensitive" information. You can select one or more particular data to scan in order your compliance need.

For example, if you must comply with GDPR, Esplores Data Masking Module can scan your database to locate any for any Personally Identifiable Information fields that are specifically regulated by GDPR.

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