Esplores & Python integration for data science

From Esplores users can define calls with parameters and than invoke their Python programs. The results than can be viewed & elaborated, if necessary, in Esplores.
Users can define a very complex workflow: From Esplores to Python, from Python to any other program (R, Java, ecc…), than back to Python and from this to Esplores again.

Esplores Compare Scenarios

It' s so easy to compare scenarios in Esplores. Save/store your actual scenario to disk to freeze it with values and calculated data. Esplores will run the exact criteria on new data(in the future) when will not be possibile to have the same snapshots of them, than will compare the two scenarios. In this video you can see how it's very easy to compare scenarios.

Enrichment data table

In this video you can see how it's very easy to enrich data table with several KPIs from other databases/tables and other fields calculation.

Esplores GDPR Module

Interactive and batch GDPR discovery module

Companies, public administrations and associations who handle personal data are required to comply with the new European regulations by 25 May 2018.
The Esplores GDPR Module help to achieve objective of digitising and simplifying procedures, particularly in terms of indagation where are the "particular" and "sensitive" data in all organization data. These features, interactive and in batch mode, ensuring compliance with the current and future regulatory framework.

Esplores Data Masking Module

On the fly and batch data masking

In the past the static data masking procedure has been the solution for masking data that’s being copied to a different location.
The Esplores Data Masking Module means replacing particular information fields on-the-fly.

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