GDPR & Data Masking


ESPLORES GDPR & DATA MASKING contains all the functionalities useful for Data Governance, with a series of specific functionalities to support the application of the provisions of GDPR regulation.

The system is able to automatically detect the existence of "personal data" and then proceed to apply methods of anonymisation (masking) according to standard rules and / or customizable by the user.

The module was designed to support the IT department (Chief Information Officer) but, thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, can be easily used by business users (Chief Data Officer, Chief Security Officer, Data Protection Officer, Chief Risk Officer, ...).

Main features

  • Data Exploration, Data Discovery and Cross Discovery on all data types
  • Explores Data Hub is an index that allows the creation of a very compressed repository of the entirety of data (structured) both on txt files and /or on Apache Parquet
  • Join recommenderengine allows to identify, based on the "values" contained in the individual fields of all company databases, possible matches also indicating the percentage of weighted confidence
  • Personal data identification on structured data (only if ESPLORES CORE is installed)
  • Personal data identification on files (only if ESPLORES FILES & Go is installed)
  • Personal data identification on unstructured data (only if ESPLORES TEXT PROCESSING is installed)
  • Searching and qualifying fields that potentially contain "personal data", visualization of the result with a "weighted" percentage of confidence to match with corresponding domain
  • Interface for "validation" of the result by the user delegated by the DPO
  • Customization of "domains" (taxonomies) by the user
  • Masking of "personal data" in "on-the-fly" mode leaving the "consistency" intact, even among the masked data (a real name is changed with a fantasy name, a tax code is changed with a fantasy tax code, etc ... )
  • Compare Tables: is an advanced data quality feature able to compare the data present in tables of different systems and verify the coherences / differences / changes, etc.

Esplores GDPR Data Masking

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