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ESPLORES FILES & Go is a module that enables many features of Esplores Core adapting them to manage files (CSV, TXT, etc.).

In order to work ESPLORES FILES & Go does not need to replicate the files on the database, using a technique specially created to allow remarkable performances even in the presence of very large files.

ESPLORES FILES & Go is very useful in all those needs where you have physical files and/or tracks on disk (like EBCDIC, etc.) and it becomes difficult to normalize the flow to create standard relational tables. ESPLORES FILES & Go use the files as they are and enable immediately data exploration as if they were data residing on databases.

ESPLORES FILES & Go allows the user to implement advanced analytics and dashboards directly on files (CVS, TXT, ...).

Main features

  • Data Exploration, Data Discovery and Cross Discovery directly on the source files
  • Fast access to files through a simple and performing integrated ETL
  • Data quality features that can be customized by the user
  • Statistical functions on every file
  • Declarative (virtual) joins and queries, data enrichment, simply and intuitive wizard for “on-the-fly” aggregations, etc.
  • Calculation and aggregation functions
  • “What-if” analysis with the possibility of defining "simulated scenarios"
  • Advanced Analytics with possibility of creating dashboards directly from files (only in presence of ESPLORES CORE module)
  • Data Masking on file content with masking criteria customizable by the user (only in presence of GDPR & DATA MASKING module)

Esplores Files & Go

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