Esplores Core


ESPLORES CORE integrates to existing data in a simple way, regardless of the type (Sql, NO-Sql, etc.), volume and/or variety, allowing you to immediately benefit from the countless features offered even without duplicate or replicate data.

ESPLORES CORE makes available to DB Administrators, Data Scientists and Citizen Data Scientists all the necessary tools for the creation of Analytics with a Data Driven approach, useful to solve all Business Users’ needs.

ESPLORES CORE is the natural allied tool of the IT department in supporting the Digital Innovation & Digital Transformation process, facilitating dialogue with the Business.

Main features

1.1.1 Data Manipulation/Exploration

  • Data Exploration, Data Discovery and Cross Discovery
  • Fast access to billions of records, Terabytes / Petabytes of data
  • Declarative (virtual) joins and queries, data enrichment, simply and intuitive wizard for on the fly aggregations, etc.
  • Reduction of complexity thanks to wizards to creating datasets and (virtual) views directly by the user

1.1.2 Data Visualization / Dashbarding

  • «Interaction Model Engine», technology developed by Esplores to interaction, filters and to create relationships between the data
  • Quick creation of new charts directly during data exploration
  • Management of maps with real time updating and dynamic representation of flows
  • The charts are directly connected to the data and do not need necessary reload via ETL to update the dashboards
  • Each chart and his values can be exported
  • The Esplores dashboards can be accessed with any browser and can also be used offline

1.1.3 Advanced Analytics / Data Calculation / Data Mining-Data Science

  • Aggregation with "where condition" function
  • Combination of formulas for the calculation of the delta (eg previous column vs next column, field above vs field below, etc.)
  • Highlighting of values that respond to certain conditions with personalization directly by the user
  • Creating formulas that are the result of expressions of other n formulas
  • “What-if” analysis Highlighted fields
  • Representation of results in real-time
  • Native integration with Python and integrability with other statistical / predictive languages (R, Java, C ++, etc.)

1.1.4 Security & Audit

  • Storage of every single click with relative detail (Esplores log)
  • Monitoring of each user’s access time
  • Statistics on queries with view on details (groups, users, etc.)
  • Statistics on the response speed of the single analysis / instance / query
  • Statistics with classification of the most searched data and the most used tables

Esplores Core

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