The technology is making giant leaps every day, but companies of any size, and in any industry continue to manage their data in departmental databases.

Esplores Core

Esplores Core


ESPLORES CORE integrates to existing data in a simple way, regardless of the type (Sql, NO-Sql, etc.), volume and/or variety, allowing you to immediately benefit from the countless features offered even without duplicate or replicate data.

GDPR & Data Masking

GDPR & Data Masking


ESPLORES GDPR & DATA MASKING contains all the functionalities useful for Data Governance, with a series of specific functionalities to support the application of the provisions of GDPR regulation.

Files & Go

Files & Go


ESPLORES FILES & Go is a module that enables many features of Esplores Core adapting them to manage files (CSV, TXT, etc.).

Text Processing

Text Processing


ESPLORES TEXT PROCESSING is a comprehensive module whit advanced features of tokenization, stemming and stopword filtering.

ESPLORES key concepts

  • Access all company data from a single point: Esplores is able, through ad hoc connectors, to access most of data in a simple way, being able to identify even "hidden" relationships.
  • Dynamic data mapping: Esplores makes data mapping easy, requiring no change or replication of departmental databases.
  • Fast data access: Esplores gives the source systems the burden of accessing data and responding to queries, taking charge of carrying out all the most burdensome calculations and rendering operations of graphic objects. This mix guarantees very high performance even in the presence of huge amounts of data.
  • Complexity vs simplicity: Esplores eliminates any complexity in obtaining information on structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, integrating natively even with the latest generation of artificial intelligence tools.
  • Dashboarding: Esplores is a big data tool whit Business Intelligence as a feature. Esplores Dashboarding offers over 40 objects to meet even the most refined graphic needs. But the Esplores innovative approach makes it possible to start from the dashboards (aggregated data) and then always arrive at the maximum detail of the data.
  • Analytics on any data types: Esplores allows access to any type of data, structured (DB SQL and / or NO-SQL), files (TXT, CSV, XML, ...) or unstructured type (PDF , DOC, ...)
  • Vertical & specialized modules: Esplores has developed some modules that meet specific and vertical requirements.

Investigate the wholeness of data regardless of where they are and benefit immediately, also responding to compliance and data governance criteria, without additional costs and without further investment in complex and ad hoc infrastructures ... this is the challenge that Esplores has won..
(Alessandro Cerboni, Vice President of Assocompliance)

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