Explore, create virtual views
and very effective analysis, leaving data where it is.

Revolutionary architecture for carrying out complex analyses even starting from simple text files

  • GDPR


    Interactive and batch GDPR discovery module
    The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects European Union data subjects' fundamental right to privacy and the protection of personal data.
    It introduces robust requirements that will raise and harmonize standards for data protection, security, and compliance.

  • Data Masking

    Data Masking

    On the fly and batch data masking
    In the past the static data masking procedure has been the solution for masking data that’s being copied to a different location.
    The Esplores Data Masking Module means replacing particular information fields on-the-fly.

  • Files & Go

    Files & Go

    Esplores enables some of the major analytics features typically used in databases, in the management of information from txt files. Using an innovative approach, Esplores allows you to create analytics even on files of millions of records without having to feed any database.

  • Maps


    Esplores’s representation of data via maps is a rapidly developing area of visualization that has many practical applications. Esplores proposes a wide range of innovative tools for a visual representation of geographical data with maps for static and dynamic analytical needs.

  • Data Visualization

    Data Visualization

    Esplores uses a disruptive approach to traditional data visualization tools. The Esplores team have years of experimentation of the most advanced ways of representing data has allowed us to propose to the market a new way of conceiving the graphic representation of data, in line with the need to be able to go to the maximum detail of the data at any time.

  • Data Calculation

    Data Calculation

    Esplores Calculation data sets include Summary data sets and Expression data sets. You can select predetermined calculations of Esplores or use wizards to create your own expressions.

  • Data Connectors

    Data Connectors

    Launch Esplores and you can select immediately your data sources from a list of database connectors. Your data esploration experience can start from your data thanks to hundreds of innovative features of Esplores

  • Data Wrangling / Data Virtualization

    Data Wrangling / Data Virtualization

    Esplores features are based on an innovative “Virtual Mapping” engine that simplify and accelerate search, filtering, discovery and queries. Capabilities that can be executed thanks to the specific virtual environment implemented in Esplores.

  • Governance & Audit

    Governance & Audit

    Esplores stores user’s queries to ensure that data assets are monitored and protected. The audit process of help business audit & security needs (like GDPR).

  • Data Mining

    Data Mining

    The availability and affluence of data belonging to various domains make data analysis a matter of significant importance and necessity today. Data mining consists of applying data analysis and discovery algorithms that, under acceptable computational efficiency limitations, produce a particular enumeration of patterns (or models) over the data.

Problem-solver features... for all (big data) analytics needs!!

A multitude of features to solve any need:
Data Base Administrator, Data Scientist, Data Analyst and Business User.


Our Mission

In the era of the digitally native customer and ever-shifting landscape, digital transformation has become one of the most viable strategies to accelerate business activities, processes, business growth and to fully leverage the available opportunities through new technology. Our focus is helping companies to leveraging digital transformation to become more customer-centric while enhancing their operational processes to accommodate new customer behavior. Customer experience, business agility and operational efficiency are the primary goals that drive organizations to undergo digital transformation.

Angelo / Michele


Esplores: some numbers




More than 150 features available.



Data records

More than 400 billion records managed on a single cluster...


Data connectors

14 data connectors available and many more will be available soon.

Esplores News

Gamma Studio e Esplores – Una nuova partnership per i progetti di Data Management & Analysis

logo gamma

Gamma Studio ed Esplores siglano un importante accordo di distribuzione per erogare servizi e realizzare progetti di Data Management and Analysis, basati sulle soluzioni proposte da Esplores.

Per entrambe le società questa partnership riveste un’importanza determinante per la crescita dei relativi business e per la proposizione di soluzioni in linea con quanto richiesto dal mercato.

Gamma Studio, azienda attiva da oltre 15 anni nei servizi IT e con un’unità dedicata all’ambito degli analytics e gestione dati, diventa distributore della soluzione Esplores, la rivoluzionaria piattaforma di Data Discovery & Data Exploration. Per mezzo dell’Interaction Model Engine, Esplores, attraverso la connessione di fonti dati, anche eterogenee (On Premise, in Cloud, Paas), consente di esplorare e analizzare small & Big Data senza nessuna necessità di replica e nel pieno rispetto di normative e procedure relative alla governance e sicurezza delle informazioni. La piattaforma è infatti GDPR Compliance by design.

I molteplici punti di contatto tra i due partner consentono alle due realtà di soddisfare il crescente bisogno delle aziende di poter usufruire di servizi efficienti e soluzioni innovative, per gestire in modo flessibile ed efficace la grande mole di dati – strutturati e non – presenti in ogni organizzazione, per estrarre il valore nascosto negli stessi e ricavarne utili indicazioni per la definizione e gestione delle strategie aziendali.

Esplores s.r.l.

Via Angelo Maj 14/D
24121 Bergamo (BG)

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